Supplement and Probiotic

Biomega, HydroMAC, DHA, Asta Oil / Krill Oil, 
Astaxanthin, Veta-Vit, Novobiotic-Plus

More detail :

Biomega Perfect supplement of Omega3 in liquid form. Source of energy to stimulate molting, improve growth development and performance. Get more Omega3, Astaxanthin and cholesterol.

DHA Whole cell algae, Schizochytrium. High Omega3 (DHA). Improve immune system, growth development, Molting and Alternate Energy sources for shrimp

Asta Oil High Omega-3 fatty acids with phospholipids bound and nature’s powerful antioxidants: astaxanthin from Antarctic Krill (Euphausia superba) in oil form. Enhance reproductive system, Good fecundity and spawning. Good palatability and reduce stress. Top coat with maturation feed 30 ml/kg

Astaxanthin A new natural source of Astaxanthin from Paracoccus carotinifaciens and sustainable. High antioxidant and enhance reproductive system

Veta-Vit Multi-vitamins, A D E and K. good dissolve in the water to mix with feed 5-10 g/ ton every day after exchange water or mix with egg custard.

Novobiotic-Plus A liquid probiotic for hatchery. Stimulate immune system, improve growth rate, Control microbial stability in water system, Inhibit Luminescent bacteria and Decompose sludge and uneaten feed.

HydroMAC Chelated mineral in liquid form. Sources of trace minerals Zn, Cu, Fe, Mn and Se. High bio-availability, easy to disperse. Improve immune system, help to form strengthen shell. Balance electrolyze and osmotic regulation. 5-10 ppm every day after exchange water