Maturation and Laval Feed

Red Dragon , Artemia (Penguin, Lion and North Star) , Frozen Copepod, 3D Flake, BIO MPL

More detail :

Red Dragon Formulated feed for broodstock to improve reproductive performance, fertilization and hatching rate. 3% per body weight per day, 2 times per day and top coat with Asta oil 30 ml/kg of feed for get more good result.

Artemia First Feeding for your larvae. . It should be enriched by Bi-Omega after hatching to increase Cholesterol, Omega 3, Astaxanthin , for stimulate molting in PL, Bi-omega 100 ml/Artemia 1 tin (425 grams )

Copepod Substitution of Artemia to reduce the cost of feed. Increase survival rate, molting rate and good health.

3D Flake Premium 3D Flake contains Omega 3 (DHA and EPA), phospholipid, essential amino acid and antioxidant from krill meal that is necessary to stimulate growth rate and improve survival rate for larvae.

BIO MPL Larval feed that good for maintains water quality, controls Ammonia & Nitrite and Vibrio spp. in water cause it has a lighter suspension and stability in water. Good nutrients, high palatability. Easy to digestion and absorption.