Key to success

There are many factor had effect to be success

1 Nutrition Value

Protein, Fatty Acid (Omega 3), Astaxanthin, Mineral and Vitamin affect maturity and Larvae stage

Maturity Stage

  • Development of reproductive system
  • Quantity and quality of eggs and sperm
  • Develop or enhance sex hormone

Larva Stage

  • Survival rate
  • Strengthen health
  • Hatching rate, growth rate, survival rate
  • Development stage , especially molting stage


2 Sanitation and Management

  • Exchange water
  • Reduce organic load in tank or uneaten feed
  • Control harmful Vibrio, Protozoa


3 Water Quality

  • pH, Alkaline, Hardness and Ammonia
  • Temperature
  • Frequency feeding time


4 Physiology and behavior

  • Photo period
  • Compound eyes
  • Life cycle
  • Omnivorous